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Hateful or weaponized writing. Spam or misleading text. Submit. Cancel. These poor attempts at humor are, if nothing else, viable reasons to never invite me to hang out with you in a public environment. Recently I put out 50 Terrible Quick Jokes That'll Get You A Laugh On Demand and was surprised at how positive the response was There are no answers as to when this amazingly lame form of humor was born but it has kept its popularity from the dawn of ages to this day, nonetheless. Loser-esque yet hilarious, unbearably foolish yet clever at the same time - puns will never get boring, even if they'd be the last jokes left on Earth Quick (restaurant) Puns. A list of puns related to Quick (restaurant) Azad Khan, a chef in a local Indian restaurant, overstretched and fell headlong into a vat of hot curry. An ambulance was quickly at the scene and he was taken to hospital. Fortunately he is alive but is still in a korma

I used to work at a revolving door company.Then I thought, this job is going nowhere fast. Two ducks in a park in Belfast. One says quack!. The other says, I'm going as quack as I can. Last week's window jokes are here. If you like these fast jokes, have a look here for an alphabetical list of joke topics 39. It's hard to explain puns to kleptomaniacs because they always take things literally. 40. Two windmills are standing in a wind farm. One asks, What's your favorite kind of music Mama fly and baby fly were hanging out at the coroner's office. The coroner was enjoying a sandwich while he performed an autopsy. Baby fly landed on the sandwich as the coroner took a bite. Mama fly jumped into action and hit the man in the eye and baby fly escaped out of his mouth.

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The funniest one liner jokes and puns on the internet. These short jokes and puns will make you laugh for sure. We also have other funny jokes categories Funny Burger Puns. A whole load of cheesy hamburger puns, including some funny names for burgers based on famous people or books that you'll be sure to recognise. 1. Give your burger a good pickle to make it laugh. 2. What's Bread Pitt's favourite burger? 3. The hamburger was cracking so many jokes. He was on a roll! 4. The best things in life are fry. 5 You may want some track puns or track and field puns to get your game of puns up to speed. Take a look at this compilation of puns from all things running: 50. The pirates of the world decided to take part in a race. They named the event Piracy. 51. The sloth chose T-Mobile as his network provider because he couldn't get to Sprint. 52 A proud new Dad sits down with his own father for a celebratory drink. His father says, Son, now you've got a child of your own, I think it's time you had this. And with that, he pulls out a book called, 1001 Dad Jokes. The new Dad says, Dad, I'm honored, as tears well up in his eyes. His father says, Hi Honored, I'm Dad

It's Ramadan right now (fasting month for muslims) and I was talking to my dad when he told me that it's the last day. I said, Can't believe it's the last day already. And he says, Yeah, it's so fast! He didn't realize he made a joke at first, but after that, we shared a sensible chuckle and a high five. ︎ 9 Everyone loves a great pun. Our collection of funny puns give everyone all the feels Quick puns! #1. This video is unavailable. Watch Queue Queu A road trip can be long and exhausting. To lighten the mood, I did some research to find you the best funny road trip jokes and puns there is. I cover everything form funny, bad and good ones, to family-friendly road trip jokes for kids and van life. And yes, dear adults, I also added [ 98 Silly Fish Puns for Everyone Occasion! Some believe that puns are the lowest form of humor. Act-shoal-ly, playing with commonly-used terms and crafting joke words-within-words is a sign of great intelligence. If you love funny fish puns, you'll find these insults and one-liners hys-tetra-ical! 1. Ahh, you're Krill-ing me! 2

Quick 99+ Soccer Instagram Captions Funny INCLUDE Short Soccer Puns. March 31, 2021 April 26, 2020 by admin. Tweet. Share. Pin 2. Share. 2 Shares. You want that moment to be captured and it's time to share the soccer puns for Instagram photos New Puns 2021 | 2020. The best first: The recipe said, Set your oven at 90 degrees.. I did, but how do I get it open now? What is brown and runs across the dessert? A CARAMEL. Shall we go out together?. Oh please. Spare me. I have a boyfriend, plus, you look like a total loser. Fatherhood has changed pretty radically over the decades, but one thing remains constant: the dad joke.Dad jokes are more than funny jokes that happen to be told by dads. Dad jokes intersect with all different kinds of dumb humor, but they share a mysterious but unmistakable quality: being equal parts cheesy and hilarious.For instance, a common feature of a great dad joke is a pun that's so. Puns. Best. Newest. Add joke. Sadness. Dank puns. 3 years ago. I have many jokes about unemployed people, sadly none of them work. 1252. 95. 15. Bank. Anonymous. 4 years ago. I lost my job at the bank on my very first day. - A woman asked me to check her balance, so I pushed her over. 2270. 159. 30. Advertisement 27+ Absolutely Fast and Crazy Car Jokes to share with friends! Posted by Jimmy 09/06/2021 09/06/2021 Adult Jokes Jokes Teenager Jokes Tags: Adult Jokes Lifestyle Jokes Puns Sport Jokes Are you looking for car jokes today

Quick Crossword puns 29,000 to 29,499 . In the Quick Crossword on Monday-Saturday, the first two (or sometimes three or four) answers make up a pun. Here's a list of them, from Quick 29,000 to 29,499. Quick Crossword puns 29,500 onwards. Quick Photoshop Puns. 2K likes. Quick and simple puns made on photoshop. Send yours in But The Golden Girls did play a pivotal role in the trajectory of the Fast franchise, according to Fast and Furious director Justin Lin.He told Entertainment Weekly about his love of The Golden Girls when he was a kid and the fateful episode that planted the seed in his mind that would grow into Fast 5, the turning point for the entire franchise Kids will love these bakery puns for their clever wordplay, witty thinking and, of course, the humour! Baking is not just fun because of what you get out of it, it's also fun because of the epic puns that come from it! A great way to entertain children at a birthday party, these are some puns that will bake the fun to a whole new level Puns: (To) beat (someone) to the pun. Sucker pun. To pun a can of worms. keep one's eye pun. (A) pun in the butt. (To) jump the pun. (To) pull a fast pun

New Puns 2021 | 2020. The best first: The recipe said, Set your oven at 90 degrees.. I did, but how do I get it open now? What is brown and runs across the dessert? A CARAMEL. Shall we go out together?. Oh please. Spare me. I have a boyfriend, plus, you look like a total loser. The short fortuneteller who escaped from prison was a small medium at large. Once you've seen one shopping center, you've seen a mall. Those who jump off a Paris bridge are in Seine. When an actress saw her first strands of gray hair, she thought she'd dye. Bakers trade bread recipes on a knead-to-know basis

Goose Puns. Rhymes use loose juice nous truce spruce whose move news. Pun Original; Goose-up Tweet Spruce-up: Play fast and Goose Tweet Play fast and loose: Fast and Goose Tweet Fast and loose: Goose cannon Tweet Loose cannon: Goose lips sink ships Tweet Loose lips sink ships: Goose case Tweet Use case This week's puns and one liners are all on the topic of Burger Jokes. As always, they come with no guarantee of hilarity or originality Saw a bunch of people eating burgers whilst waiting for the launch of a new toy doll. It was a Barbie queue. A friend is making me a burger for dinner. I'm relishing it. Stayed in an Elvis themed hotel Because you make me anxious and I won't try to do you until its far, far too late. Saying Get a load of this guy! is considered mocking in most places. But it's a flirty compliment in a Gay Bar. Just think that there are jokes based on truth that can bring down governments, or jokes which make girl laugh. Many of the flirty nightclub jokes. Visual puns are sometimes used in logos, emblems, insignia, and other graphic symbols, in which one or more of the pun aspects is replaced by a picture. In European heraldry, this technique is called canting arms.Visual and other puns and word games are also common in Dutch gable stones as well as in some cartoons, such as Lost Consonants and The Far Side

31 Funny Fashion Puns That Will Surely Make You Laugh. If you like to have a little fun with some wordplay and you're in the fashion industry, then you're going to love this list of my favorite fashion puns. 1. Never tell a woman she can't purse-shoe her dreams! 2. A Scottish cat, aka a plaid o'puss 15 Funny Spanish Puns That Make You Laugh While You Learn. Every language has its own share of puns that play with words to make us laugh. Most of them are only funny in that language, although every once and then you may find one that works in two different languages, which is the case of these 15 funny Spanish puns Minecraft Jokes and Puns. Here are funny Minecraft jokes and puns for one of the most popular games ever created. All Minecraft fans will enjoy these jokes. Also, check out our games and other jokes categories. Minecraft Joke - 8. Why can't the Ender Dragon read a book? Because he always starts at the End. Share. Book Vadimguzhva/Getty. Ahh, Irelanda nation that truly knows how to have a good time. Hence why half our list of Irish jokes and puns are alcohol-related.You don't need to wait until Paddy's Day to get a laugh out of these. Tell them in your favorite Irish bar at your own risk Absolutely hillarious summer one-liners! The largest collection of summer one-line jokes in the world. All sorted from the best by our visitors. See TOP 10 summer one liners

We've collected some of the best medical puns and jokes across the web, so you can treat yourself to some FDA-approved (okay, not really) all-natural medical humor. Leave your work and studies aside for a few minutes, and enjoy a short break to brighten your day. Medical Puns 205 Best Cat Puns That Are Simply Paw-some! 277 Best Fish Puns that are Absolutely Fin-tastic! Disclosure: Please note that some of the links above may be affiliate links, and at no additional cost to you, we earn a commission if you make a purchase Quick Nick Tweet Quick kick: Squib Nick Tweet Squib kick: Nick It Out Tweet Kick It Out: Nick Ass 2 Tweet Kick Ass 2: Drop-Nick Tweet Drop-kick: Nick the Moon Tweet Kick the Moon: Goal Nick Tweet Goal kick: Scorpion Nick Tweet Scorpion kick: Nick et Non Tweet Sic et Non: Nick Your Brain Tweet Pick Your Brain: Niemann Nick disease Tweet Niemann.

Without further ado, here's our list of ice puns: Ace → Ice: As in, Ice in the hole and An ice up your sleeve. Us → Ice: As in, Don't call ice, we'll call you. Nice → Ice: As in, What an ice thing to say and Have an ice day and Make ice with and Naughty but ice and Ice... Eyes →. We hope this list of funny art puns and art jokes gave you a few chuckles as well as some good ones to share with your pals. Art doesn't have to be snobby. Have some fun with it! Also, let us know if you have any art puns or jokes of your own that you'd like to see on this list. If we like your suggestions we'll definitely add them

There are as many funny puns out there as there are things to pun about (meaning, everything). There are dog puns, cat puns, food puns, animal puns, even puns about puns. The most important thing is memorizing as many of these very funny puns as possible, so you've got a zinger ready for every occasion. ADVERTISEMENT 22. I submitted ten puns to a pun contest hoping that one would win, but no pun in ten did. 23. I told my doctor that I broke my arm in two places. He told me to stop going to those places

1533 390. A boss said to his secretary, I want to have sex with you, but I will make it very fast. I'll throw $1,000 on the floor and by the time you bend down to pick it up, I'll be done. She thought for a moment then called her boyfriend and told him the story. Her boyfriend said, Do it but ask him for $2,000 These next few puns are about popular car models: Must → Mustang: As in, All good things mustang pass and Everything mustang go. Master → Mustang: As in, The mustang of my fate and As good as your mustang and Mustang of none and Mustang of... Yours → Yaris: As in, It's all yaris and. 28. I love breakfast a waffle lot. 29. Always start your new day with good friends, a grateful heart, and a tasty waffle at your breakfast. 30. Sleeping is like stepping into a time machine to our breakfast. 31. Every morning is a party in my family because we always have a toast for breakfast. 32 They are both white, sold by the dozen, and a week later you have to go out and buy more. Golfer: I would move both heaven and earth to get a birdie today. Caddie: Try heaven. You have moved most of the earth already today. The best person to play golf with is someone who is always a little worse than you are The Best Car Puns. 1. A wheel came flying off my car and knocked my teeth out. It all happened axel dentally. 2. I'm fasting today, i'm thinking to scramble some koenigsEGGS and munch some bugatti bolognese. 3

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Puns take a variety of shapes and forms. Some revolve around same sounding words, while others are more oriented toward meaning. Several puns can be used in tandem to make a compound pun, or compunned. Some puns involve words that sound similar, such as the imperfect rhyme formed by orange and door hinge 11 Ramadan Puns To Get You Through This 'Fast' Some may be familiar dates, but others are new, seerah-ously. Marium Zafar. May 31, 2017. Alpharetta, Georgia. 4426 Marium Zafar Ramadan 2017 is finally here with 11 fast puns to raise your spirits and slide in a tidbit of information on the side. 1

1. I want to go to the beach, but at the same time, I don't. You have me between a rock and a shark place now. READ 50 Rabbit Puns That Will Make You Hoppy. 2. There really is some-fin interesting about that shark I just saw swimming. 3. This makome off as a shock to you, but that shark over there that you see is tame These are the most awesome clean jokes and puns you'll find. LOL with 'em now. Please keep reading this page until the very end. There's a good reason for that. The funniest clean joke ever is at the end of this page. Plus, you'll enjoy lots of laughs.. Short jokes - funny one liners (1 to 10) - Short funny jokes. These jokes are less 300 chars long, so easy to remember! These are the jokes listed 1 to 10 In this post, you're going to hear a whole range of funny fox jokes, puns, and pickup lines. If your favorite comedy material tends to come from four-legged mammals with orange fur and pointy ears, then this is the 'den' of jokes you've been looking for. Get ready for some good, old-fashioned, wilderness-friendly, bushy-tailed laughs Everyone grunts and groans when they hear puns, so they're not unlike Dad Jokes in that respect. But a good pun can make you laugh. Football is a natural for puns and catchy captions that bring a smile to our faces. So, let's kick this off with some of our favorites. Best Football Puns. 1.) The calm before the score. 2.) He who fumbles must.

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55+ Best Computer Puns. Computers are devices which were designed for the ease and accuracy on can achieve by working efficiently on the. These are the ones which have made the things simpler and less complex at the same time. Nowadays anything is incomplete without the fun elements; puns are the ones which add an element of fun by funnyfavorer101Plays Quiz Updated Apr 19, 2015. Quiz Rating Details. Rate 5 stars Rate 4 stars Rate 3 stars Rate 2 stars Rate 1 star. Also try: Quick Puns Blitz re: Quick, give me some oyster, claim, shellfish puns Posted. by Willie Stroker. on 7/30/14 at 7:29 am to GRTiger. From where I was sitting, I could see her clam. She told me I had nice mussels. My shellfish thoughts washed away as I started to suspect she was a hook-er. The last thing I wanted was a case of the crabs Well, we've got some one-liners and knee-slappers that ought to fit the bill. We waddled through the web to find as many solidly silly but entirely wholesome duck puns and jokes as possible. And. 30 Hilarious Bear Puns That Are Un-Bear-ably Funny. You should prob-bear-ly read these now! Bears are fuzzy and adorable, but they're also crazy terrifying. After all, these animals aren't like the poisonous frogs and packs of hyenas that plague other parts of the world. Bears live right here, in national parks, towns, and backyards across America

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  1. _People having the conception that curry puns are really funny should tilka good look at themselves. _Curry up or else we will be inside the prison soon! _The old man ran as fast as his old limb could curry him. _I could not take permission from my hostel warden as I was late for the train and I needed to curry up
  2. Love puns are the fun, and less awkward way, to tell someone how much you love them. Yeah, there's the simple 'I love you' and other mushier phrases, but if your someone loves to laugh, they'll appreciate some good love jokes. These puns are witty and punny, and are sure to make that special person's heart smile. So, get ready to serve your best jokes because we've got only the best right here
  3. Jun 1, 2021 - Explore Singhsamiha's board Quick Saves on Pinterest. See more ideas about harry potter memes hilarious, harry potter puns, harry potter images
  4. We love car humor, don't you? Here is an awesome collection of not only funny car jokes, but hilarious bumper stickers and very witty car puns! This list is a perfect way to start your day, end your week, past time commuting to work or while on your lunch break. Whenever it is, you'll have a good chuckkle at these
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Here we keep track of the features the Mighty Nein gained at each level of progression. Our Full Party Updates are from our Level Up article series, and track everyone's new features at the listed level General Running Stats Monster Analyses Quick Answers Favorite Moments Media References & Puns Blog Archive; Mighty Nein Character Stats Campaign Stats Livetweets Lore and Compendiums Monster Analyses Rankings Wildemount Calendar; Vox Machina Character Stats Campaign Stats Livetweets Lore and Compendiums Monster Analyses Rankings Tribute PunsQuick. 55 likes · 2 talking about this. ยินดีต้อนรับสู่โลกการ์ตูนที่ PunsQuick ผู้นี้เป็นคนสร้าง และยังมีเกมส์ที่ควิกๆ ผู้นี้เล่นOw Alicia's Salty-Puns. 79 likes. Product/Service. Facebook is showing information to help you better understand the purpose of a Page

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  1. 26 Puns That Are Too Clever For Their Own Good. I tried to find 10 more really good puns that made me laugh, but no pun in 10 did
  2. Puns! Humorous word play that makes you roll your eyes, sigh, and think that's so bad it's good. To promote our copywriting services, we launched the #MondayPunday social media series. We collected the funniest puns and created custom single-line graphics for each one. Here are 35 puns that will make your day! Objects of humour. 1
  3. A Few Quick Puns I apologize for marketing a stillborn blog nearly 2 months ago. Recently, I have been gently encouraged by a family member to update my blog. So I will do so today with a bit of a lighthearted entry. Some of these puns will likely produce the da dum soun
  4. Quick Challenge - Descriptive writing » 5 thoughts on Quick challenge -Puns tracycurnin. September 29, 2013 at 6:29 pm This blog post made me snicker 4SW, in fact it gave me a boost of energy! Reply. Jude. October 3, 2013 at 2:36 p

43 Hilarious Food Puns That Are So Good They Make You hungry. Food puns. Those two words go together hand in hand like peanut butter and jelly right? Everyone loves food, especially on the internet, and everyone loves puns, because who doesn't like to laugh. So to make sure you won't leave this article without laughing your ass off, we. Here are 31 science-themed jokes and puns and their explanations. Warning: Some are so cheesy, it's possible only scientists will find them amusing

Flattirey. (flattery) level 1. zundish. 2 points · 6 years ago. We've already gone around and a round about this. level 1. lindleyw. 2 points · 6 years ago. I can't make any flat tire puns, there's too much pressure Hiking Puns. We love hiking, and we love puns - thus, we decided that we should write an article about hiking puns. After all, you've got to find some way to fill the time when you're on a four-day expedition up Mount Everest don't you?. So, we've drafted a series of hiking puns for you to memorise and then shout repetitively at your climbing partners next time you're heading up. Find the best quick hilariously funny jokes that are easy to remember. 03. Jun. Sister. By Dave. in Relationship Jokes +1-1. The following conversation took place between a doctor and his patient: You had sex with my sister!! She was lying naked in my office. What was I supposed to do? The autopsy you sick bastard. 31. May One goes quick and the other goes quack! Funny Horse Puns How do you lead a horse to water? With a carrot on a stick! What do racehorses eat? Fast food! Who helps ponies possessed by demons? An ex-horse-ist! A man got a tip on a racehorse called Cigarette But he didn't have enough money tobacca! What is a horse's favorite Queen song

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  1. g up with 39 duck puns!. Duck jokes and hilarious puns
  2. And you know! puns about them can be also very funny. that's why we have combined a list of squirrels' puns that we find pretty funny. Funny Squirrel Puns. 1. I just got thrown out of my local park for arranging the squirrels by height. They didn't like my critter sizing. 2. Today, I saw a squirrel poop for the first time in my life
  3. There are only a few pun competitions in the world, but they draw in some serious talent. Here is a sampling of great puns thrown around at some past events
  4. 36. Sausage puns are the wurst. 37. What do you call a bear with no teeth? A gummy bear. 38. How did Darth Vader know what Luke was getting him for his birthday? He could sense his presence. 39. Why shouldn't you trust atoms? They make up everything. 40. What's the difference between a bench, a fish, and a bucket of glue
  5. A Collection of Terrible Puns As my students are sadly aware, I'm a connoisseur of really awful puns and wordplay. I've been collecting them for years, sharing with friends and family, and posting them on social media with the #crappypuns hashtag
  6. Lightning-Fast Puns. . quite shocking really a it does give me a charge positively amazing a she creates a large spark with men watt a photo, right? lavender h
  7. I get inspired by everyday objects—such as a coffee mug, bagel, clock, and others. Sometimes when I read the news, all of a sudden, I see some words like salad dressing and imagine that salad is actually dressing in clothes. If I have the idea, I grab the iPad and draw it really quick. Some puns are pretty cringeworthy, but some are so bad.
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Death puns are a quick way to lighten the mood and lift your spirits. You can find several clever death puns to add to your repertoire and momentarily ease sorrow. Death Puns Can Lighten the Mood . A death pun is a play on words. The meaning of the words can be changed with the right tweaking of a sentence In the mood for a laugh? Here is a collection of golf puns, one-liners and other short funnies. What does that mean? That means that we have one-liners, two-liners and even a few three-liners.But mostly, it means the jokes here are of the short variety This Summer Puns machine embroidery design looks amazing on any project. Carefully digitized to ensure a high quality finish, every time Tag Archives: fast puns before work A few notes before I go to work. March 3, 2015 awax1217 180 Leave a comment. How deep is cutting edge? Why is it called reproduce, do you produce it again? When one says they are in the zone, exactly where are they? Hard day and long day does not make sense Open any fashion magazine and it's loaded with wordplay - fashion puns. Just like many blog names (check out our blog name generator for quirky blog name ideas), these magazines title their stories Into the Wild for animal prints, Chain Gang for necklaces, trend pieces that lead off with Enlist army green and black for your fall uniform. 80% of fashion copy has a double.

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Bike puns so terrible they will make you smile. We've all come across times when we hear puns that are so heart-wrenching terrible you can't help but silently giggle inside. It's a great moment for all concerned. So we've put together a list of wheelie bad bike puns you can tell your mates and pretend are yours Sausage Puns. I heard about a horrible river dragon that lurked in the waters under the old London Bridge and destroyed passing boats, eating the crews and passengers. Finally, a group of brave knights lured it up onto the banks and, with great loss of life, managed to slay the horrible beast ZDW. 34015 17619. A blonde and a redhead have a ranch. They have just lost their bull. The women need to buy another, but only have $500. The redhead tells the blonde, I will go to the market and see if I can find one for under that amount. If I can, I will send you a telegram. She goes to the market and finds one for $499 The Dangling Poop: This poop refuses to drop, and you just pray that a shake or two will cut it loose. Spinal Tap Poop: That's the one where it hurts so much coming out that you swear it was leaving you sideways. Second Wave Poop: You're done pooping and you've pulled your pants up to your knees, but something tells you you're not done

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  1. Puns can be divisive: Some find them irresistible, some find them groan-worthy. But for others, punning is a way of life. Here's what you should know about this ancient art
  2. Quick Photoshop Puns. 2,018 次赞 · 1 人在谈论. Quick and simple puns made on photoshop. Send yours in
  3. A: Fast food slows you down when it hits your stomach, parks there, and lets the fat have time to get off and apply for citizenship. Q: Where do they hold prizefights in Fastfoodland? A: In an onion ring! Q: Why do hamburgers go to the gym? A: To get better buns. Q: Why did the man climb to the roof of the fast food restaurant
  4. Blast off into hilarity with the funniest space jokes in all the cosmos. The post 60 Space Puns That Are Out of This World appeared first on Reader's Digest
  5. In the comedy world, she says, puns aren't exactly controversial, but she can see why some people find them annoying. Most performative comedy, there is a message behind it, so there's a.
  6. Funny Noodle Mug, Send Noods, Funny Send Nudes Mug, Ramen Lover Gift, Food Lover, Funny Food Puns, Foodie Lover Gift, Funny Adult Gift TheMugsCo 5 out of 5 stars (33) SGD 23.46. Add to Favourites Instant Ramen Cup Noodles Love Anniversary Card Papermain 5 out of 5 stars (1,580.

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We do not make jokes about food. It is excellent food! - You like soup, Sir John insists. - Sir, you come here daily and order the same food. Everything was perfect, neither too hot nor too cold, according to salt. - It tastes like soup! - Either, a taste, but where's the spoon? -You got caught! 0 Check out our fast food puns selection for the very best in unique or custom, handmade pieces from our shops A Project of The Internet TESL Journal Teachers often use jokes in the ESL/EFL classroom to teach culture, grammar and vocabulary. If you know a joke that works well with ESL/EFL students, please submit the joke

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Fast Food Puns Apr 28, 2019 - Pun buddies! These two amuse me so much oMG As soon as I heard this joke on We Bare Bears, I just HAD to make a comic featuring Toriel and Sans Puns are jokes for people who like to make up their jokes by their wit and only people who listen to you carefully can get them, and this is the same for cat puns people who love cats, do love cat puns, and if you are a feline sweetheart than you would cherish some great feline plays on words 40 Eggs-quisite Egg Puns to Crack You Up. We hope you can take a yolk! Whether you like them scrambled, poached, over easy, or fried, you've got to admit that eggs are one of the best foods around. After all, they're a powerful protein, a simple breakfast, and the absolute bosses of brunch

Happy Birthday - Violin Greeting Card | ZazzleComedian Bec Hill on why she's supporting our Let's Craft

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11 Likes, 0 Comments - CoconutBlue (@coconutbluecreations) on Instagram: Quick card for the retirement of a photographer hobbyist #puns #photographer #hobbyist #camerahobb

Popular Horror Films Depicted As ‘Goosebumps’ Book CoversCamel toe takes on new meaning with camel toeing tattoo
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