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Test Drive: TeslaFi And Teslascope, A Month Of Data

Home Screen. Both TeslaFi and Teslascope have home screens that highlight times when your car has fallen asleep, drives and charges. TeslaFi also has the inclusion of idling and the ability to filter what data you want to see, as well as the change date. Test Drive: TeslaFi And Teslascope, A Month Of Data Logging 14 Teslastics vs TeslaFi - What Are They? These apps can provide you with near-real-time data about your Tesla's charge level, so you can monitor battery usage to get the most out of your vehicle, which can be helpful without having to wait for the car to wake up. You can track more than one Tesla from the same Teslastics account Teslascope, through my own experience and from what was shared by a majority of the alpha testers (20+), has a slightly better time with phantom drain than TeslaFi and some other competitors and a lot of this is due to the simple Sleep Modes; of which there are only two I've been running TeslaFi and TeslaSpy on trial. I like TeslaSpy's interface a lot more, but I don't think it has control features like TeslaFi does (summer, cool down car). I love the data and the heat maps. TeslaFi has elevation along Route and I don't think TeslaSpy does. I've not tried any other My last video was an overview and guide for Teslafi (https://youtu.be/HmtYj83jl-I). Today in this video I want to provide you with an alternative. It s calle..

TeslaFi vs Teslastics - Which platform is best for you

Overnight temperatures were only in the upper 30s, and it was 41 degrees at 7:30 when TeslaFi initiated the command sequence above. Charging started as expected at 7:30am, with the battery at 54%. Though I do not see any evidence in my logs that the battery was snowflaked at the time, the battery was only charging at 19-20 mph (instead of 29-30 mph), suggesting that about 10-12 amps were being used to warm it up Vilka är fördelarna med att schemalägga klimatet via TeslaFi vs Teslas egna som är inbyggd i bilen? Kan styra själv hur länge och när den skall hoppa igång. Är jag ledig så behöver jag inte förvärma bilen. Har olika tider beroende på yttertemp. Har även timer på sentry mode

Reset Password . Signu Teslascope is the only Tesla-related service to offer 2FA authentication via TOTP. Your privacy is paramount to our mission. Teslascope has the best features that improve the experience with your Tesla vehicle by an order of magnitude. - Somebody, I'm sure 2. As a result, I want to do most of my charging between 1am and 5am. 3. I usually leave for work between 7:30-8:30am. 4. During the winter, I'd like my battery to be warm when I leave, for the improved efficiency and regenerative braking. 5. I tried setting TeslaFi to temporarily raise my charge limit at 6:45 and start a charge at 6:48am. 6

Data Importing Easily import your driving and charging sessions from other third party services such as TeslaFi. (3 months) Dark Theme Whether you're chasing that peak aesthetic, or you care about reducing potential eye strain at night; Teslascope's dark theme saves the day night Tack, det fungerar faktiskt riktigt bra. Gå smidigt att tex säga åt Siri att Värm bilen (har ett sådant scenario som sätter igång värmen på en viss temperatur). Teslamate har inte något API för att styra funktioner i bilen, utan gör bara datainsamling och visualiserar. Om jag förstått det rätt

Apps For Tesla Owners - Tezlab vs. TeslaFi. For the past month I've been testing out Tezlab and TeslaFi to track my tesla driving efficiency, battery health..

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— Teslascope (@teslascope) February 10, 2021. 250+ pending installs of 2021.4.2 incoming! — TeslaFi (@teslafi) February 10, 2021. According to Ryan Shaw, the 2021.4.2 release notes detail minor fixes and unnamed miscellaneous improvements.. Model Count Unknown No AP AP 1 AP 2 AP 2.5 AP 3; 3 Long Range DM: 4380: 0: 0: 0: 0: 1404: 2976: 3 Performance: 1571: 0: 0: 0: 0: 309: 1262: 3 Standard Range Plus.

I don't know what TeslaFi or Teslascope or anyone's security looks like as a company. Are these people secure? I almost don't even trust TESLA, however I don't have a choice there. lol . Reply. Post reply Insert quotes Similar threads. I made a thing! DIYDragy - iOS/Hardware drag performance software Aug 22, 2019 - Teslascope: an alternative to TeslaFi? | Tesla Data Logger https://youtu.be/4_nhnA-8XE In short, TeslaFi is a Tesla logistics app. Looking through the calendar, you'll get you a good idea at what kind of information you can expect from the app at a glance. Looking at each individual day you can see if you went on a trip, how many miles you drove, what your average Wh/mile was, the average temperature for the day, and the total cost of driving and any charging you might have. TeslaFi is a service that logs your drives and charging sessions so that you can later refer back to them. We highly recommend checking them out if you use your car for business trips and would like to keep track of reimbursements, if you like to see how much you spend on charging or if you just love statistics

Intro Through my involvement in the local Tesla Owners Club, one topic that continues to come up is vehicle data logging. If you perform a quick google search you will see that there are many Tesla-compatible data logging tools out there with the most popular being TeslaFi, TezLab, and the Stats App just to name a few. This blog post will focus on TeslaFi not only because it is one of the more. Car and Driver has been using the TeslaFi software to track its Model 3 and discovered that it has been plugged in 842 times TeslaFi.com is a data logger for your Model S, Model X and Model 3

Teslascope: an alternative to TeslaFi? Tesla Data Logger

Tesla has released 2021.4.13 with Minor Cold Weather Improvements and Bug Fixes, Voice Recognition Improvements, Tesla Theater, QQ Lyrics, Music Time Remaining over Bluetooth, Additional Language Support, Increased Regenerative Braking in Cold Weather Avg Time Between Plugging In. 38.7M. Miles Charged at Superchargers. 152.2M. Miles Charged at Non-Superchargers. We like to charge at home. Charges at Home. 152.2M. Miles Added. 4,325,568 # of Charges. 193mi. Avg Remaining Range Before Plugging In. 35mi. Avg Range Added per session. 1h 48m 48s. Avg time per charge. Charges at Superchargers. 38.7M Finally! TeslaFi had been spamming me with news about TeslaOS 2020.16 for a while and I've been itching to see what, after giving us the amazing stop at a stop sign in the last minor update.. Turns out, not much. I am mostly unimpressed by Tesla with this update, though nonetheless very appreciative. Autoformatting a DashCam drive—I wonder if it supports 2TB yet—and a better layout for.

Hello all, December is just around the corner and we've been hard at work to implement a majority of the most requested features we've received from the Tesla community just in time for the. Stats falls somewhere between Tezlab and TeslaFi for convenience and functionality. Just download, log in, and start using the app. There's no additional setup needed to make sure it's not going to drain your cars battery. No crazy configurations on sleep cycles The new Teslascope II performs the tests for a successful demagnetisation and detection of the magnetic state of mechanical watches Mains connection: mains adapter for 230 V~ or 120 V~, output 9 V~, 2.5 A Accessories Positioning plates for serial Item. 26.70.50.xxx test of mouvement

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Services like Teslafi try to work around this by making longer and longer intervals between the API calls when the car is parked so that the car has time to fall asleep or allows time windows to be where the car is likely to sleep If you're using TeslaFi, you can just enter the API Key in the widget paramters. For advanced users (or if you want to extend the functionality of TeslaData), you should create a parameters.js file in iCloud (see Optional below)

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  1. Used - TeslaFi calculates the energy used by the charger, in most cases it is higher than the energy added to the battery. Added - Shows the kWh added to the battery during the charge. Charge Efficiency
  2. Data from McKay's TeslaFi account. CONTRIBUTED. When asked, the Calgary police said they couldn't comment on the specific situation because it was to go before the courts. They said vehicle data isn't court certified, meaning that it hasn't yet been adequately tested as evidence in a court of law in cases like this
  3. TeslaFi's battery-tracking tool puts our pack at 93 percent of its original 75.0-kWh capacity, a loss of about 22 miles of rated range from the original 310-mile EPA combined figure
  4. al topic to cover is what an unofficial/private API is. It refers to an API that isn't officially acknowledged by the provider but still allows access (with authentication)
  5. If you join any online Tesla forum or Facebook group, you'll definitely hear a fair bit about referrals, wether it's for Tesla themselves, energy suppliers or TeslaFi (online stats collection). Tesla referrals When you are about to order a car,Continue readingReferral
  6. As noted in a Drive Tesla Canada report, the Model Y consumed a total of 21 kWh of energy in its 103.1km (64.06 miles), or about 205Wh/km (330Wh/mi). This translates to an overall efficiency of 66.
  7. We also said in that article that our resident heat transfer engineer Keith Ritter was working on a computer model of the Model 3 TMS. Keith has the model done and it puts some numbers to how much.

Tesla Model S Inside temperature drops after Teslafi sleep attempt and then slowly rises until next sleep attemp McKay says he plans to contest the ticket in court with the TeslaFi data. Since the ticket was only based on an estimation, he doesn't know how CPS will be able to prove his speed in court. He is also fighting the ticket because he feels an officer's estimate should not be enough to give someone a ticket Your Tesla continuously monitors its energy level and proximity to known charging locations to provide range assurance. To maximize efficiency, it is important to know the factors that impact range and the recommended ways to reduce energy consumption

How Safe is TeslaFi? — Tesla Forum

  1. Track important Tesla stats like your current charging status, average time between charging, total energy consumption, total distance tracked and average cost per kWh. Tesla stats you won't see in the official Tesla app or lack native app support like Teslafi
  2. Tesla Model X has been named a 'standout performer' by Euro NCAP in their latest batch of safety crash tests — getting a near-perfect score for adult occupant protection. In 2017, the Tesla.
  3. What marketing strategies does Teslascope use? Get traffic statistics, SEO keyword opportunities, audience insights, and competitive analytics for Teslascope
  4. Featured image: @NASA8500/Twitter Today Tesla starts to roll out the 2020.36 OTA software update, which, in addition to practical improvements, contains hints of the beginning of the Autopilot rewrite.TESLA SOFTWARE VERSION 2020.36 HIGHLIGHTS Autosteer Stop Sign and Stop Light Warning Green Traffic Light Chime Cruise
  5. TeslaFi. 876 likes. Track your Model S or Model X online 24/7. Monitor drives, charges, idles and sleeps including tons of data and statistics
  6. Minimising Tesla Vampire battery drain. Your Tesla loses range when parked caused by Vampire battery drain. This can vary from a few miles per day to quite significant amounts depending on the settings in the car and can be a problem if leaving your car while on holiday

Introduction. Docker is the de facto standard to build and share containerized apps - from desktop to the cloud. You can basically run Docker virtually anywhere from your DigitalOcean Droplet or your Laptop, to your Raspberry Pi at home.. Raspberry Pi on the other side is a great low cost, credit-card sized computer that plugs into a computer monitor or TV, and uses a standard keyboard and mouse Options. Tesla options are set via Configuration-> Integrations-> Tesla-> Options.. Wake cars on start - Whether to wake sleeping cars on Home Assistant startup. This allows a user to choose whether cars should continue to sleep (and not update information) or to wake up the cars potentially interrupting long term hibernation and increasing vampire drain

Teslascope - Track Software, Trips and Control your vehicle. TeslaFi - Track Software, Trips and Control your vehicle. Discover anything specific? Such as new Autopilot capabilities, changes in the overall UI, or known bugs that have been fixed, share your findings here Scout APM - Leading-edge performance monitoring starting at $39/month. Scout APM uses tracing logic that ties bottlenecks to source code so you know the exact line of code causing performance issues and can get back to building a great product faster Wear a mask, wash your hands, stay safe. Shop unique Teslafi Firmware face masks designed and sold by independent artists. Get up to 20% off

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Il forum dei Teslari e del Tesla Owners Club Italy Ticino RS High quality Teslafi Firmware gifts and merchandise. Inspired designs on t-shirts, posters, stickers, home decor, and more by independent artists and designers from around the world. All orders are custom made and most ship worldwide within 24 hours This page is about the various possible words that rhymes or sounds like Teslascope. Use it for writing poetry, composing lyrics for your song or coming up with rap verses. (Noun) A radio transceiver that was alleged to have been invented by Serbian scientist Nikola Tesla for the purpose of communicating with extraterrestrial life Hey all! Tesla implemented a captcha to the authentication process today, preventing services like @teslascope @TeslaTip @RouteBetter @TeslaFi and open-source projects like TeslaMate/HomeAssistant from connecting to Tesla Accounts There are also quite a few apps to check for Tesla battery health and track it over time (Teslafi is one popular example). If you are buying a used Tesla, it's worth asking the owner if they've used any tracking apps with data you could examine.Finally, a Tesla-certified inspection should give you an idea of the vehicle's battery health and the assurance that everything is functioning as.

Life vs Teslascope - What's the difference? life | teslascope | life . English (wikipedia life) Noun (en-noun) The state that follows birth, and precedes death; the state of being alive and living. : *{{quote-magazine, title=Towards the end of povert Radio vs Teslascope - What's the difference? radio | teslascope | radio . English (wikipedia radio) Noun (uncountable) The technology that allows for the transmission of sound or other signals by modulation of electromagnetic waves

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  1. Teslascope, a site that keeps track of Tesla software features and changes, also said on Twitter that two Tesla employees confirmed the yoke steering wheel would be an option at the time of purchase (we note this may not be the case in Australia depending on if the unconventional steering wheel meets Australian design standards)
  2. March 2020 Software Updates. 2020.12. The 2020.12 has been released, including 2020.12.1. No major updates other than some improvements in the Full Self-Driving visualizations, like showing the word STOP in stop signs, etc.In addition, a well-known Tesla hacker has found some hidden code that may be preparation for stopping at traffic signs and lights - a highly anticipated FSD feature
  3. Edit: and if you want to try teslafi give me a shout. There's a referral code system that I think gives you an extended free trial and then gives me a discount off my sub if you subscribe
  4. An onboard generator on a pickup truck seems like an obvious feature. Until the release of the 2021 Ford F-150, however, such a feature didn't exist. Touted as one of the main reasons to go with a Ford over the competition, the Pro Power Onboard generator can serve a variety of uses. Some folks will [
  5. In the latest news, the Tesla Model 3 battery degradation was revealed to be shockingly more and then less after driving for 27,000 miles. Are you confused? Well, don't because along with Range.
  6. Our newest model explains how the Tesla Model 3 has much better battery cooling than its larger siblings. This is a huge plus for Track Mode
  7. Stephen Edelstein February 16, 2020 Comment Now! Shopping for a used car comes with a lot of uncertainty. Used Tesla electric cars are no different. But if you are shopping for a used Tesla, this.

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PEMF machines & devices by TeslaFit are some of the world's most powerful PEMF Devices. Research magnetic pulse therapy & PEMF therapy for pain management The wording is The Teslascope was a radio transceiver designed by Serbian scientist Nikola Tesla with the intention of communicating with extraterrestrial life on other planets. By definition the 1899 device is not a Teslascope because Tesla would not have built a device to communicate with someone on the other end of a transmission he had not even heard yet I've always tried to stay between 20% and 80% unless needed for a long trip. And charge cycles are relative if you stay near the middle, meaning charging from 30% to 60% 500 times is really no different than 20% to 80% 250 times This is the most comprehensive deep dive into Tesla Model 3 efficiency & vampire loss (phantom drain), & how to save energy in a Tesla Model 3

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  1. Realtime updated stats for registration of Tesla by color, seats, model, district and mor
  2. With an update to its mobile app, Tesla is now allowing owners to precondition the batteries in their cars and avoid the limitations that come with driving in colder environments
  3. Understanding the Charge Cycles. The Math in Elon Musk's above tweet is simple: Standard Range Plus Model 3 has a 240 miles of range, so 240 x 1500 = 360,000 miles Long-Range Model 3 variants have 310 to 325 miles of range, therefore 310 x 1500 = 465,000 miles A charge cycle is when you have used the 100% of rated battery capacity, it is not necessary to deplete the battery from 100 - 0%.
  4. NOTE: The open source projects on this list are ordered by number of github stars. The number of mentions indicates repo mentiontions in the last 12 Months or since we started tracking (Dec 2020). The latest post mention was on 2021-04-22

Wuhan lab chief Dr Shi Zhengli spearheaded efforts to change Covid's name, according to emails Credit: AFP. Emails uncovered by US Right to Know (USRTK) - a public health research non-profit organisation - expose how Wuhan lab chief Dr Shi Zhengli helped spearhead an effort to alter the virus's scientific name SARS-CoV-2.. The messages obtained by USRTK show that the scientists argued the. Tesla says its tri-motor Cybertruck can manage 500 miles between charges. The mid-spec dual-motor model, meanwhile, lasts 300 miles, but the entry-level rear-drive Cybertruck will only do 250 miles between electrical charge-ups. Tesla Cybertruck interior and practicality If you are one of the lucky (or unlucky depending on who you ask) owners whose Tesla is equipped with the Pedestrian Warning System (PWS), you get to use the external speaker to add custom sounds to your car.. Available through the Boombox feature added in the holiday software update, you can add up to 5 custom sounds that you can use for your horn, while driving, or when using Summon ‎Read reviews, compare customer ratings, see screenshots, and learn more about Stats: For Model S/X/3/Y. Download Stats: For Model S/X/3/Y and enjoy it on your iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch Just like MPG in older cars, the range of an all-electric vehicle dramatically changes depending on where, when & how you drive. For instance, you can get 670 miles of range in a Tesla Model S if you hypermile, however, that involves going at ~20mph with no car braking on a closed circuit, in other words, it's not realistic. Tesla will tell you a figure between 240-421+ miles for their cars. This document provides the necessary steps for installation of TeslaMate on a any system that runs Docker. For a walkthrough that provides the necessary steps for manual installation see Manual Install.. This setup is recommended only if you are running TeslaMate on your home network, as otherwise your Tesla API tokens might be at risk.If you intend to expose TeslaMate directly to the internet.

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