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Find games like Friday Night Funkin', Night Guard, Mr. Hopp's Playhouse 2 (DEMO), Monster Girl Maker, SCP-087 on itch.io, the indie game hosting marketplace. Browse Games Game Jams Upload Game Developer Logs Communit Explore games on itch.io Find games like Friday Night Funkin', Butterfly Soup, Our Life: Beginnings & Always, Adventures With Anxiety!, Project Kat on itch.io, the indie game hosting marketplace. Browse Games Game Jams Upload Game Developer Logs Communit Top 10 Best itch.io Games. Do you know what itch.io is? If not, you've been robbed of the opportunity to play some of the best games of recent years. Itch.io is an up-and-coming site for indie game creators to share their work with fans. You can post your work, host a game jam, or check out some cool and unique new work

Games you can get on itch are among our favorites, like Anatomy (which recently made our list of great indie horror games) and Oikospiel (number 14 on our list of the best indie games to play right.. To get you started, here are a dozen of the best, weirdest, or just plain interesting indie games—both free and paid—that you'll find on Itch.io, but not on Steam. See larger image. Walkie.

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  1. Explore Racing games on itch.io Find Racing games like Hell Of An Office, Drift Hunters, Wheels of Aurelia, VEKTOR 2089, Vienna Automobile Society on itch.io, the indie game hosting marketplace. Browse Games Game Jams Upload Game Developer Logs Communit
  2. Download 'Wide Ocean, Big Jacket' from Itch.io Milkmaid of the Milky Way In these weird and stressful times, we all need some peaceful relaxation in our lives
  3. 12 amazing games from Itch.io's Bundle for Racial Justice and Equality By Rachel Watts 09 June 2020 Itch.io has raised $4.6 million from its bundle of 1000+ donated games

Find games tagged ragdoll like Guts In The Dust, Battle Talent: Fighter Training Simulator, Siege Physics, Mutilate-a-Doll 2, Tiiny Ragdoll Sandbox on itch.io, the indie game hosting marketplace. Browse Games Game Jams Upload Game Developer Logs Communit Follow Best Of Games; Best Of Games. Best Of Games itch.io, the indie game hosting marketplace

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Quiet, Quiet-- A Twine game based off a silly YouTube song by Rob Cantor. Full version to be released by October 2022, Spanish version TBD. Poetry Book-- A Twine compilation of poetry and poetry prompts. Full version release cancelled Itch.io's Palestinian Aid Bundle includes hundreds of games for $5. The bundle, including Minit, Anodyne, Pikuniku, The Church in the Darkness, and hundreds of others, is available for just one. How the Queer Games Bundle Supports Queer Creators. The Queer Games Bundle on itch.io doesn't just feature a bunch of games with queer themes as highlighted on ResetEra — all of these games were made by queer creators. This bundle features over 200 amazing, heartfelt, fun[,] and radical games such as the retro RPG Glory's Fools and the dungeon crawler Magic and Metal Zero: Tower of Metal Point'n'click game based on Vampire: The Masquerade lore, for all fans of Bloodlines and bloodsuckers

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DiGGi - itch.io. My name is DiGGi. I am 39 years old. During the last 20 years, I have been working as a Creative manager/director in different industries. Each day I generate ideas and make the most efficient of them a reality. And like 20 years I have been burning with passion in the game industry, games and playing 4 hours each day The best itch.io browser games that you can play on your favorite browser like Opera GX. Browser games are the best way to enjoy short breaks as they are quick and not so addictive, like the mobile and console games that can take hours of your time. All the best itch.io browser games in this list offer fun time without taking up space on your.

Pay $7.99 or more for the following: Summer Loop_1.1.zip (119 MB) Title : Interesting games on itch.io: May 17. Posted by : Matt S. Date : 5/17/2021 11:00:00 PM. Labels : Art Game , Indie , itch , itch.io , list , Top 10 , top 5. Item Reviewed: Interesting games on itch.io: May 17 9 out of 10 based on 10 ratings. 9 user reviews. Posted by Matt. The best 57 soft launch mobile games for iPhone, iPad or Android; Itch.io's Bundle for Racial Justice and Equality is a massive assortment of over 1,700 games - that is not a typo, one thousand seven hundred - all of which you can play on PC, Mac, and Linux, in addition to a bunch that are also available as .apk files to play on Android Oooh a good rythm game artwork rlly good and the music and the style of the gameplay all rlly good keep going with the good work. Reply. progammer 32 days ago (+2) (-1) this is hella sick and the music is nutworthy :) Reply. MisaCC 32 days ago. itch.io · View all by D-CELL. Shortly before the Epic v.Apple trial, Epic Games made an interesting announcement: it would offer the indie game storefront Itch.io as an app on its own Epic Games Store. The Fortnite publisher.

Follow Brad-Games; Brad-Games. Brad-Games. Independent Game Developer. YouTube Channel for Game Trailers. Bitlandia. A side-scrolling 16-bit platformer inspired by Super Mario World and various other retro games. Brad-Games. Platformer. itch.io · Community profile. Northend Games. Northend Games @Northend_Games. Northend Open Tower Defense Battle. A fast paced tower defense game inspired by world war 2 theme. Northend Games. Strategy. itch.io · Community profile. The Queer Games Bundle 2021 is live now on Itch.io, giving you instant access to more than 200 games all for the price of a single AAA video game. The new bundle will be available all throughout. Itch.io, the open marketplace that is largely dedicated to featuring indies, can now be accessed through the Epic Games Store. On April 22, Itch.io made its way to the storefront along with apps like open-source digital painting app Krita; 2D pixel art to 3D model transformation tool KenShape; open-source browser Brave; and radio app iHeartRadio

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Itch.io was added to the Epic Games store last month on desktop, itch.io stating they thought it was a funny idea but also a good opportunity to potentially expose a lot more people to itch.io, as the EGS has a pretty large audience. The platform clapped back at Apple as these questions emerged, taking to Twitter to mock the idea udonko. @udonkodally. I want to make and play and enjoy both. My play is to show my heartfelt gratitude for your favorite game. My game is focusing on pixel games, so that I can convey what I find interesting. I'm Japanese and I'm sorry for the poor English. But I believe we can share the fun Tall Story Games is an independent games studio specialising in narrative-driven games with a strong focus on engaging stories, well-developed characters and above all a good sense of humour. Our games. Lucy Dreaming. itch.io · Community profile. If you like a game, make sure to RATE, SHARE, AND COMMENT!! This helps those good games even get seen. So if you want others to try it, please help the Devs where they need it most: Exposure. I would love to hear what you all want to see in the game! itch.io · View all by TOQ Games.

MartianGames MartianGames.com @MartianGames. I started making games on the Commodore64 in BASIC, inspired by Leisure Suit Larry, I started making graphic adventure games and discovered I had even more fun making them than playing them. I like to think of game development being a form of creative self expression, and have been happiest working. 8/16BIT 16x16 Tileset, Animated Sprites, Music and SFX for your game project! Canari Games. CanariPack 1BIT TopDown. $2.99. 1BIT 16x16 Tileset, Canari Games. itch.io · Community profile. A tale of dark and troubling things. If On A Winter's Night, Four Travelers is a narrative-driven point-and-click adventure that explores the stories of four different characters in a masked ball taking place on a train in the late 1920s.. THE SILENT ROOM. In a luxurious hotel room in Rome, freshly arrived from Turin, Carlo awaits for his lover Patrick to arrive I'm Ved Rane Games, a one-man game development team. Developer of Bubblegum Backlands. Bubblegum Backlands. $3.99. An Unforgettable Adventure in the Imagination of a Kid. Ved Rane Games. Platformer. Ved Rane Games. Platformer. itch.io · Community profile.

The game is fun and it has good combat and good puzzles but I think there should be a bit more health around the place and more shotgun ammo but not much anyway the game is great and I wishlisted it on steam itch.io · View all by. Picamor has everything you want in a relationship/dating game. Lasers, explosions, toxic pools of pain and suffering, the works. The fast paced and frantic gameplay was a good time as well, with just the right amount of challenge, and it brought up some old game memories for me Good game to play during school hours. Reply. bmo 29 days ago (+1) i got a high score of 3.292 on accident, i think thats the best ill ever do. Reply. SingingClown 30 days ago (+3) i play this game every days. Reply. N O N A M E 28 days ago (+2) itch.io · View all by Rewind.

Shifful Studio - itch.io. Shifful Studio is a small indie video game development studio located in Israel.Our main goal is to provide you with fun casual experiences, games that we want to play ourselves. We put emphasis on listening to you, our gamers, who play and enjoy our games. We are thoroughly considering each of your suggestions. I have been making games on and off for about three years now. I also run a YouTube channel documenting my progress as a game developer. Bonk the Ball! A short action-puzzle game made by 20 developers, in celebration for BenBonk hitting 20k subscribers on YouTube. itch.io · Community profile. The coolest rhythm game. Play in your browser. View all by ninjamuffin99 Creator; Follow Good morning. by Garcello · 1 post. 6m. the epic group chat of: jordan (jma.mp4), jill, minecraft alex and, night seeker. itch.io · View all by. Thank you so much!!! It really honors me that you compare my game to two of my favorite games. I absolutely appreciate your comment! For other games I made, well there aren´t really any, even though I created games for a few years now, I never really finished or released them, but all of my future projects will be released right here on the Triality Games itch.io page RITE. A downloadable game for Windows. Buy Now $4.99 USD or more. RITE is a high-speed, precision platformer where you must conquer a series of demanding trials, a rite of passage for every Nim. Find the key and reach the exit to move on to the next trial, and maybe collect some gold along the way. Who knows, they could prove valuable to those.

1 the itch.io app doesn't install this app for some reason. Luckly this can be resolved by manually downloading & running it. 2: When it runs fullscreen it doesn't scale, the game is in the topleft of myscreen and the buttons don't line up with my mouse porition. Some config or commandline argument would be great to force windowed mode Participate in Japan's top rated game show: You Only Get 1! Daniel Mullins. Pogo Dojo. For Ludum Dare 32, An Unconventional Weapon Daniel Mullins. Sports. Beneath The Ice. An innocent ice-fishing expedition turns sinister. Daniel Mullins. Simulation. itch.io · Community profile. All games are available for free, so support here is entirely voluntary, I won't install any paywalls or locks on my games. But I do ask that if you enjoy my games, and are able to contribute, please consider purchasing a copy. itch.io · Community profile. One of the best horror games on Itch that I've played. Reply. CureLovelyWarrior 195 days ago (+1) I think I found a glitch. I paused the game with escape key while standing in front of Doc Strawberry. Not sure what happened but when I was ready to unpause the mouse cursor was gone so I couldn't click the buttons. itch.io · View all by. SOLAS 128 by Armor Games Studios, Amicable Animal. SOLAS 128. the above is a demo with all unique puzzles - plays best in chrome. interact - mouse + left click or arrow keys + space or touch. explore SOLAS 128, a game of interconnected puzzles where you redirect and reconfigure rhythmic pulses of light to breathe life back into an ancient.

MVP Good Games Easy - itch.io. Moin Moin! You just entered the page of 'MVP - GGEZ', a small indie game developer team from Germany. Our founding team consists of four people: Lades, Revan, Wambo_7 and Sayonn. Years ago we already talked about the games that we'd create together someday and now we are here. We started our business and are now. Snowy Path is a solo adventure survival game on PC.It has been made by students at Gamagora in 4 months with the help of MAAAV and CPE students.This is a vertical slice of what the game could be if it had a longer development.. In Snowy Path, you play as Oneira, a young Iroquois girl lost in a cold and enchanted moutain.Your goal is to explore and survive

There are many games on Itch.io, I won't even read the names out loud, but they are both offensive and sexualized, Apple's lawyer said, as quoted by The Verge.The lawyer added that some of the. I played this game in the training mode for an hour or two and I really like it. . .All of the current mechanics work really well, and landing hits/combos feels really satisfying. It looks pretty good too, especially considering it's a prototype I am not sure how it plays against an opponent though, but I imagine it's a lot of fun Badgerpunch Games badgerpunch.com @badgerpunch. We are game devs with a passion for retro inspired game experiences. We grew up in the 80′s playing games that we still remember today. We strive to recreate that good old gaming experience with present-day graphics and modern themes, but sometimes we also create new games on old hardware that. Deep Fog has some really good atmosphere going for it, providing a spooky environment even without the monster present, and that's some good design. The art style is also oddly good, and kept me looking at the world even when fleeing otherworldly horrors. Plus, a cute dog! I hope the rest of the game turns out as well

Spacegulls is a short platformer for the NES. It is best described as a combination of Joust and Mega Man. 1-2 players. Now available as a ROM file. The first version of Spacegulls was made in 1 week and won 1st place in the NESdev Compo 2020/21. For the itch.io release, we decided to work some more on it (fixed bugs, new music, slightly more. Sokpop Collective - itch.io. video game collective. We're making a new game every month! Subscribe for 3$ on our Patreon. Buy a Sokpop Season (8 games) at 25% off: Buy the entire Sokpop catalog at 33% off FAITH - Itch.io Edition. A pixel horror game inspired by MS-DOS, Apple II, Atari, and ZX Spectrum classics. Airdorf Games For Crows @gamesforcrows. Hellooooooo, we're Games For Crows! We've given ourselves a name but really we're just two pals who like making stuff together . We try to make things that are reflective, and aim to have you come away from them with a calmer mind or a different perspective

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JUSTCAMH - itch.io. I'm Cameron H! I make lots of tightly designed games and put em here for you to play. My current project is Hole Punch! Come join our awesome little Discord community: we do games nights and we've got dinos! At the bottom is my all time best games, roughly ordered left to right! Follow on twitter for updates Mobile users: CLICK HERE to browse the themes. These are a selection of some itch.io themes for profile pages. You can browse them in the embeded html file above. To use the CSS just copy/paste it into your page Download Now Name your own price. Click download now to get access to the following files: DesktopGoose v0.3 (Windows) 4 MB. Desktop Goose v0.22 for Mac 14 MB. YouTube. Sam Chiet. 9.49K subscribers. Subscribe Spectacular game, and I love the good cause. I am the good boy. 11/10 would wag tail again . Reply. SabrinaVampirschi 12 days ago (+1) It's a really cute and lovely game.Enjoyed it very much! Reply. Jaycee 14 days ago (+1) Such a cute game!! Reply. itch.io · View all by.

100% Off. $1.00 $0.00 USD or more. Orphea is a short NES (Nintendo Entertainment System) shooter built for Lost Cartridge Jam 2020. It is a designed to be reminiscent of early NES ports of arcade games. Many ports of that era were non-traditional in that they added more non-linear elements to the straight-forward design of their arcade originals Play Online Games on Poki now. The best website to play online games! Poki has the best free online games selection and offers the most fun experience Follow Best Of Games; Best Of Games. Best Of Games

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BunFan Games. BunFan Games bunfan.com @BunFanGames. Beat Banger. It gets you into the rhythm. BunFan Games. Rhythm. itch.io · Community profile. Teebowah Games. Teebowah Games teebowahgames.com @teebowahgames. You've made it this far. Now try our games. Games. The Third Shift: 1st and 2nd Hour (Demo) A Game Boy horror unlike any other. Teebowah Games. Adventure. Fishing Vacation. itch.io · Community profile. This inspiring innovation in gaming rightfully won the title of Game Of The Year back in 2014 and it really shows. A large assortment of weapons, crisp controls, and shocking and heartbreaking plot twist are just some of the 3 things you can expect from this amazing game

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Want to support small teams and queer creators? Well here's a good chance for you with the itch.io Queer Games Bundle 2021 and there's quite a lot inside. It's a big cooperation between tons of different creators, with the aim to generate revenue for smaller teams and solo developers https://ninja-muffin24.itch.io/funkin PRETTY DOPE ASS GAME PLAYSTATION MAGAZINE MAY 2003 ISSUE . Uh oh! Your tryin to kiss ur hot girlfriend, but her MEAN and EVIL dad is trying to KILL you! He's an ex-rockstar, the only way to get to his heart? The power of music.. If Steam and Epic Games Store are the video game industry's big box retailers, GOG.com and itch.io are the vintage and artisanal mom-and-pop shops. We tested these niche marketplaces to help you. This game was really cool and awesome, one of the best games I've played. Keep it up! Reply. Viewing most recent comments 5 to 44 of 62 · Next page · Last page. itch.io.

Pizza Time Explosion by Electric Prune Juice GamesBoxzIndie Developer WetAndSoft Releases their Erotic VisualIchiban Sokoban Windows game - Mod DBPoker Pack for Raspberry Pi by WebfootGamesWild White Tiger: Jungle Hunt by MadMaxGamesSimple Platformer Example - GB studio by VonkyKongCoffee Talk review | Rock Paper ShotgunThe Fear:Creepy Scream House by Genetic Studios

vfqd https://vfqd.itch.io/ elyaradine https://elyaradine.itch.io/ thejunt https://thejunt.itch.io/ MacOS Catalina Users: If you are struggling to run the game, you might need to change permissions. Try running the following command from the terminal in the folder containing the app: sudo chmod a+x Terra Nil.app/Contents/MacOS/ Related games Related; Drift Hunters. Download Now *Controls: WASD/Arrows, space - handbrake, C - change cam, LShift - shift up, lCTRL - shift down* Play Drift Hunters in browser, on Android, IOS or download on PC! - Over 25 awesome drift cars. Drive your dreams itch.io · View all by. Toadhouse Games is an indie visual novel game studio, creating games that destigmatize mental illness and cover themes associated with self care and living authentically.We believe it is important for everyone to learn how to take care of themselves, be kind to themselves and others, and do what brings them joy

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